ANNESA Electronics, is a company founded in 1958, in this way it shows by offering its extensive experience and state of the art technology of the brands it represents, contributing every day in developing solutions to its customers in the different Security Systems and Equipment.

The wide variety of Intercom and Security Systems offered by ANNESA, the manufacture of them, and the perfect combination of function and style for just harmony, allow to create Systems adapted to any environment, demand and application that the customer requests, characterized by being a company with tradition in maintaining its quality over the years and by updating and innovating its product range.

These Systems are aligned from the simple self-made Intercom Kit “Do It Yourself”, to the most sophisticated and innovative Digital Security Systems at residential, commercial, industrial and institutional level.

Each of the Systems offered by ANNESA Electronics is the result of teamwork with highly qualified personnel in terms of their different business operations that make up it.

ANNESA appreciates the constancy of work and the experience gained over the years, being able to proudly say that ANNESA Eletronics is a faithful and server company in the field of Telecommunications and Security, since both Employees, Suppliers and Distributors make up a single family, making possible the reliability of each of the Systems that the company offers and installs , these departments are:

-Development and Projects
-Production and Service
-Marketing and Sales
-Administration and Finance

ANNESA Electronics has grown into a respected and reliable leading company in the Venezuelan market, with its headquarters located in Caracas, Venezuela, it continues to expand its Sales and Distribution Network to meet the technological needs of its Customers, Distributors and Suppliers.

As well, in recent years, ANNESA’s management team has decided to open its business borders abroad, today establishing a branch in the city of Miami, Fl, USA, in order to satisfy other markets.

This new presentation demonstrates that ANNESA Electronics’ mission is to maintain the style in the attention and clear personalized orientation towards its distinguished clientele, the high quality of the Products, and the international prestige of the Brands it represents, providing the necessary tools and support that allows to differentiate itself from its competitors.

In this way, it is a pleasure for the ANNESA Electronics Group to be for more than 60 years its Solution Provider in Digital Security Systems… for Homes,Residences, Retails, Wharehouses, Offices, Industries, Hospitals and Clinics.



ANNESA Electronics, in January she celebrated her 60 years, following the legacy of her Founder, ANNESA continues to work with Honesty and Responsability, offering her customers the quality of the products that characterize her in the market.


The ANNESA Business Group updates the website, and moves towards the Franchise project with the aim of settling in new markets


Expanding the Product Line with the Introduction of New Systems: Smart Home Security and Eco-Green Products


Representative and Distributor of TEKTONE(USA) for Venezuela.


The Management Group expands the market with the opening of NEW ANNESA Electronics office in Miami, Fl, USA.


Representative and Exclusive Distributor of AIPHONE (Japan) for Venezuela.


Representative and Distributor of COMELIT Group s.p.a. (Italia) for Venezuela


Representative and Distributor of BITRON s.p.a. (Torino Italia) for Venezuela.


T.E. ANNESA of Venezuela changed by ANNESA Electronics and is registered as a trademark.


ANNESA office opening in Miami, Fl, USA.


T.E. ANNESA s.p.a. with office in Corso Buenos Aires, Milano, Italy, NUTONE Representative and Exclusive Distributor (Cincinnati USA) for Italy.


T.E. ANNESA creates the Technical Department with a fleet of 8 Wolswagen cars, with which it is recognized in the Venezuelan market.


Representative and Exclusive Distributor for more than 40 years of URMET DOMUS s.p.a. (Torino, Italia) for Venezuela.


Amplivox Exclusive Representative (Milan, Italy) for Venezuela.