Over the years the ANNESA Group team, with experience as a family and traditional business, has solidified the foundations to prepare the company in this franchise project and to be able to face a concession process.

The desire to make the company bigger and above all that continues to have a recognition in the market allows it to operate at high levels of development and economic performance that make the difference of the activity with commercial success.

The use of the Franchise will allow ANNESA Electronics to transmit knowledge about the different functionings of the business and that it continues to succeed in the market with the inclusion of franchisees in the network and thus provide the services and have the efficient scope to all its customers. Knowing how to reproduce this business in other environments and how to transmit Know How properly with the existence of a plant will provide everything the franchisee will need through the arrangement of a contract and a solid project.

Franchisees interested in belonging to and reproducing the company are invited to look at its origins and analyze how its pioneers did in the beginning, wanting to know what problems have been addressed and how they have been solved with efficient economic performance strategies that make ANNESA continue to differentiate itself in the Systems and Security Equipment Market with sound operational leadership. For more information you can contact annesagroup@hotmail.com or visit: www.annesaelectronics.com